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About the auction:

On June 18th 2014 Orrefors Kosta Boda AB (“Kosta Boda”) is arranging a form of game in the shape of an auction where the prize consists of three unique art glass pieces (“the game”). This document states the terms and conditions which apply to any person who wishes to partake in the game. The game takes place during one day at the So Stockholm Gallery in Kungsträdgården, Stockholm, Sweden. The participants’ emotional reactions to the pieces will be measured using biometric sensors, and the three people who feel the strongest will each win one of three art glass pieces. Participants are allowed to participate in the game for more than one piece but can only win one of them. You may only participate in the game once for each piece.


In order to participate in the game you must register your full name, telephone number and email address. By registering this information and by participating in the game, participants accept these terms and conditions . Participants must be at least 18 years old and be resident in Sweden. The game takes place between 11:00 and 20:00 on June 18th 2014. Employees at Kosta Boda, Orrefors and any partnering companies in the game, as well as the family members of any of these, are not allowed to partake in the game.

The organiser Kosta Boda reserves the right to exclude participants from the game if they are suspected of breaking rules, cheating or in any other way trying to appropriate undue advantages or to sabotage the game. In these cases Kosta Boda is in no way obliged to justify their decision. All decisions are final and cannot be appealed.


Bids are placed using sensors that measure various biometric factors during one minute. The result will then constitute the participants “emotional bid” in the game. Participants cannot alter their bid after the measuring is completed and must accept the final result. The results cannot be appealed or reviewed. If there is any suspicion that the measuring has been manipulated Kosta Boda reserves the right to disqualify the bid in question without being obliged to justify their decision. In the case of two participants having the same result, a new analysis will be made and Kosta Boda will decide the winner.

The prize:

The name of the winner will be published on www.auctionbasedonemotions.com, on www.kostaboda.se and in Kosta Boda’s social media channels no later than June 20th 2014. Kosta Boda will contact the winner via the contact information details provided by the participant. It is up to the winner to notify Kosta Boda whether he or she accepts the prize within a week after the name has been published to www.kostaboda.se, via auction@kostaboda.se or via phone number 0478-34619. If no acceptance message is provided in time, the winner loses every right to the prize (and the value it represents) and Kosta Boda has the right to designate and publish the name of a new winner. The participant is responsible for ensuring that all contact details are correct and for notifying Kosta Boda of their wish to accept the prize according to the terms stated above and to specify where the prize is to be delivered according to Kosta Boda’s instructions. If the winner fails to receive the prize in person according to the terms of delivery, the winner loses every right to the prize (and the value it represents).

The prize is personal and non-transferable. The value of the prize is estimated to between 1 900 euro and 15 000 euro, depending on the art piece. Any profit taxes are to be paid by the winner. The prize cannot be partially or completely exchanged for other goods or services. Kosta Boda will cover costs for transportation of the prize, within Sweden, to the winner. Any other costs that may arise are to be paid for by the winner.

Limitations in Kosta Boda’s responsibilities:

Kosta Boda is not in any case responsible for participants’ ability to partake in the game or if participation is challenged by circumstances either inside or outside of the Kosta Boda’s reasonable control, including but not limited to incomplete or in any way missed information caused by the participant, lack of time, technical faults, disturbances to the Internet provider’s equipment and/or computer programs at Kosta Boda’s end, as well as legislative changes that may affect the game’s structure and implementation. The participant renounces Kosta Boda from any form of liability for direct or indirect damages caused by Kosta Boda or any other party in connection to the participant’s involvement in the game or if Kosta Boda for any reason or at any point decides to terminate or cancel the game.

About personal data:

Kosta Boda is responsible for the treatment of personal data collected in association with the game. Personal data will only be used for administrative purposes. The data collected from the biometric sensors will only be used to administer the game and will not be saved after the game. The auction will be filmed and photographed. This means that participants may appear in filmed and/or photographed material that will be produced and published after the auction. By accepting the terms and conditions of the game participants accept that they might be part of advertising material related to the game.


If you have any questions, please contact Orrefors Kosta Boda AB’s marketing department: jenny.sundqvist@orrefors.se

The world’s first auction
completely based on emotions.

The auction is now completed. 303 people took part in the bidding on the 18th of June in Stockholm. Three people felt the strongest and won one art glass piece each. Congratulations Liv Eklund Swartz who won Protocol by Bertil Vallien, worth 15 000 euro, to David Dolfe who won Åsa Jungnelius piece Super Protection, worth 1 900 euro and to Shelley Mulshine who won Kjell Engman’s Guitar, worth 8 500 euro.

The auction is now closed

  • 1403114599139Casimir placed a bid on piece 2# and had an emotional value of 110.9820:03:19
  • 1403114490592Alexandra Bergkvist placed a bid on piece 3# and had an emotional value of 107.1820:01:30
  • 1403114431459Liv placed a bid on piece 1# and had an emotional value of 106.5120:00:31
  • 1403114374259Mats Olsson placed a bid on piece 2# and had an emotional value of 130.1019:59:34
  • 1403114329179Andrea Bergkvist placed a bid on piece 3# and had an emotional value of 141.9519:58:49
  • 1403114149100Ewa Cedergren placed a bid on piece 3# and had an emotional value of 122.1519:55:49
  • 1403114106991Alexandra Bergkvist placed a bid on piece 1# and had an emotional value of 104.6919:55:06
  • 1403113920519Liv Eklund Swartz placed a bid on piece 3# and had an emotional value of 216.8519:52:00
  • 1403113902492Linda Karlsson placed a bid on piece 1# and had an emotional value of 107.8519:51:42
  • 1403113716839Mats Nilsson placed a bid on piece 1# and had an emotional value of 109.3119:48:36

Bidding ends in:


Total number of bids placed:


Highest bidders

Piece #1

  1. Shelley Mulshine204.15
  2. Lennart Swahn201.25
  3. Molly sehlin196.11
  4. Otis Johnson 180.64
  5. Anna Young 176.38
  6. Cathrine Andersson175.26
  7. Eva Henriksson170.84
  8. Suad Al-Saffar169.43
  9. Carin skogar164.23
  10. Lena Boman160.84

Piece #2

  1. David dolfe337.78
  2. Andrea Bergkvist277.11
  3. Molly Sehlin195.36
  4. Josefin horner190.89
  5. Emilia Hackman186.07
  6. Marie Carlsson181.87
  7. Carlina aring175.20
  8. Eva Henriksson174.11
  9. Christian Weibull173.05
  10. Tomas Rajnai169.70

Piece #3

  1. Liv Eklund Swartz216.85
  2. Christian Weibull206.13
  3. Johanna Levallius202.46
  4. Beatrice Nylund179.36
  5. Karin Edstedt162.95
  6. Kristoffer Josefsson161.44
  7. EM160.95
  8. Karin Bergsten 158.46
  9. Marie Carlsson158.31
  10. Ann-Katrin Danielson157.97


  • Participants were able to place a bid on one of three objects. The objects had been kept secret until the day of the auction.

  • The participants were equipped with GSR-sensors and heart rate monitors.

  • Their emotional response to the art glass was measured.

  • The three people who felt the strongest won one unique piece of art glass each.